Not so Elegantly Wasted!

Published August 12, 2012 by amyhitstheatmosphere

A facebook message to my best friend last night after the bar:

Accidnetley wasted and I refuse to fix any tiph=so Itpups (typose) you know what i’m trying to say.

So K and i are bored and we decided to go down to main street because they have the harly shoe in town this wekned so we wer gonna go down and chek out some bikes and live music etc. this was around 7 pm but then it started to pour so we changed plans and decided to go to the bar on saint george st called Plan B (geniusly named because it WAS actually our plan B in this cae)

Anyway! 7 pm. I was only planning to have OBE little drink because I have to wrk in the am so that ws the idea… anway, we get there and i order a Long Isalnd Iced TEa and the bartender has bthis deer in headlights look on his face for a second because he’s the day time bartender and is only used to serving beer aprarently. He was really sweet tho.

So he confers with this other girl that works thatre and there’s 2 ways to make it. one is with all the separate liquors which would make a really expensive drink and the other way is to use the mix which is the stuff I alwyas buy. So i say the mix is okay but i think he thinks the mix is just for flavor because he asks me what type of alcphol I want in it. I said Gin was good so he gives me my drink, i start drinking it and it is STROMG!!

LSter on, i gk;ance over at the bar to see them looking at the bottle of LIIT mix and laughing becaus they realize that stuff is 38%. He comes over to ask how my drink was and I’m a third of the way through it and already drunk. I say it was good but i need some more pop to top it off. He tells me he found the recipe for it after the fact and put ALOT more alchol in it than he sould have. No shit!! He put the LIIT mix PLUS gin on toip of it. So, yeah, i finished most of it and can’t feel a fucking thing an hour later.

Gppd times.!


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