One day they will find him buried under a pile of magazines…

Published August 12, 2012 by amyhitstheatmosphere

I have this idea that the people that live in the house in front of us are hoarders. They’re the kind of people that keep old mattresses and junk in their yard all year. Their blinds are broken and all the screens on their windows are shredded. They keep their crappy air conditioner (that looks like it’s going to fall out at any moment) in the window all year, even in the winter because in my head they can’t get past all the junk to take it out.
And they may or may not have a dog. I’ve seen a little dog stick his head out of a second story window and have seen him outside their yard a few times. Every time he’s let out he escapes under the fence as if to say, “FREEDOM!!!!” like Braveheart, but aside from those FEW times, I never see him out in their yard, like to pee or play or anything. So either they have visitors occasionally who have this dog, or they own the dog and he pees/poops on maybe not imaginary junk piles.


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