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Toilet Paper: The New Ouija Board

Published September 2, 2012 by amyhitstheatmosphere

I may have had my first ghostly experience at the new place.

K and I went over to clean and I was giving the downstairs bathroom a quick wipe-down. I remember seeing the toilet paper as I was cleaning the sink and it looked as toilet paper should look, nothing funny, but a couple of minutes later when I looked at it again, the end of it was curled up in a really strange way. I’m ALMOST certain it wasn’t like that a few minutes before. I hadn’t touched it, there was no breeze. I was going to take a picture of it because of how weird it looked… just odd…. but I didn’t have my phone! Hence, the record of it here.

I could be mistaken, it MIGHT have been that way the whole time but I really don’t think so.



Is She Crazy?

Published August 31, 2012 by amyhitstheatmosphere

I’m moving to a haunted house. I won’t get into all the specifics about how I KNOW it’s haunted, that’s for another day; this is just an intro post to what might be a new series on my blog called, “My Haunted House”.

Some people don’t believe in spirits which their prerogative but I also think it’s a little strange when someone doesn’t believe. They will say things like, “It’s never been scientifically proven.” to which I usually reply, “Science is simply the quest to answer unanswered questions. Things that weren’t proven 100 years ago were no less real then than they are now. So, it’s just a matter of time.” And if science NEVER “proves” the existence of spirits; that’s okay too because I have enough of my own experiences to draw a very solid conclusion.

We are set to move at the end of September so here’s hoping for peaceful coexistence!